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Definition of ODL

What happens if something happens?

If an incident occurs that includes the release of radioactivity, such as an accident in a nuclear power plant, it can first be seen in the measuring values obtained from the ODL measuring network.

In the event of an accident the measurement results of 1,800 measuring stations will be retrieved at 10 minute intervals. The dispersion of a radioactive cloud can virtually be followed online and the most affected areas can be made out very rapidly.

Informing the public

In the event of an incident,

  • the competent Länder authorities and
  • the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) in cooperation with
  • the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS)

will constantly inform the public about the current situation via radio, TV, internet and the press.


The Federal and Länder authorities, such as the Federal Office for Radiation Protection and the State Ministries for the Environment, will establish helplines to provide a point of contact for the public.

Current reports on the internet

Reports on the current events will be published on the BfS and BMU internet pages and will be continually updated. The information offered will include supporting material such as maps that show

  • the radioactive contamination of the environment and
  • the radiation exposure to the population.

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