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The development of the BfS internet pages was performed in line with the recommendations published by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) in order to ensure accessibility to the maximum extent possible. This is in accordance with the "Regulation for the creation of barrier-free information technology" (BITV), priority level 1.

What does "accessibility" mean?

Accessibility on the internet means that the contents on the internet are made available to all users, irrespective of potential physical or technical limitations.

The Federal Office for Radiation Protection ( (BfS ) aims at making the largest possible amount of its internet pages available in a barrier-free form, as stipulated in the "Regulation for the creation of barrier-free information technology" (BITV). (BfS wishes to make its contents available to as many internet users as possible so that they will find information on our work.

In case you should still find barriers on our pages, please send us an email with details of such barriers and a description of where you observed them.

Page organisation and navigation options

The pages have a uniform structure; navigation and content are divided into separate areas.

Accesskeys right on top of the pages enable you to access the content, the main menu or the search function directly. You can also navigate the pages with your keyboard. Use the "tabulator" key in order to get from one link to the next and the enter key to open the selected page.
Right on top of each page you will find a link to the table of contents ("Inhaltsverzeichnis") so that you can view the available topics and sub-topics.

On the left-hand side, vertical navigation in the form of a hierarchic structure leads you through the different topics. Next to this you will find the "contents area" of the page where the complete text of the chosen article is displayed.

At the bottom of each page you can find the button "Recommend this page" ("Seite empfehlen"). If you click on this button, a window will open so that you can recommend the page to other internet users – also via facebook, twitter and google+. Next to this you can find the print function.

Below these buttons you can find an overview of the contents on the internet page. At the very bottom of the page you can find information about this website and our privacy policy.

Downloading PDF files

If you wish to open the PDF files on our internet pages you need a software, e.g. "Adobe Reader". This programme is available for free on the following page:

In order to ensure accessibility, the BfS Internet editorial staff is striving to offer barrier-free versions of the published PDF documents or to publish the contents in HTML format, if possible. Some documents, however, are old files for which the original document is no longer available. These PDF files will not be revised retroactively.

Images and video files

Photographs, images and graphics that can be reasonably described by alternative texts must be provided with such alternative texts.

Font size

  • You can change the font size of these internet pages in your browser.
  • If you use Internet Explorer, go to menu item "View" and choose "Text size".
  • In "Mozilla Firefox" you can change the font size via menu item "View", sub-menu "Font size", "Larger"/"Smaller" or via the shortcut "Ctrl" + "+" / "Ctrl" + "-".

Print function

The contents of these internet pages are optimised for printer output. If you have enabled JavaScript, you will find a button "Print this page" ("Seite drucken") at the bottom of the page. Now click on this button and the printer dialogue will open in a new window. If you have disabled JavaScript, you can access the printer dialogue via menu item "File" - "Print" (or via the shortcut "Ctrl" + "P").

State of: 20.04.2016

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