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Privacy policy and data protection notice

In the event of someone accessing the internet pages of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, the user data required for using the offer is saved. After the end of each usage the IP address is made anonymous and the following data set is saved into a logfile:

  • Anonymised IP address
  • visited page or name of accessed file
  • Date and time of access
  • Transferred amount of data
  • Message if access was successful
  • Information about the program using the data (webbrowser etc.)
  • Internet address of the previously visited page

This data set is evaluated for optimising the internet offer and for statistical purposes.


Temporary cookies are used that become invalid after the session. These cookies do not contain personal data. Other methods with the help of which the users' access behaviour can be traced are not used.

Personal data

If the internet pages of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection provide the possibility to state personal data (e-mail address, name, address etc.), the users do this on an expressly voluntary basis. E-mail and postal addresses given by the users when ordering publications, are only used for correspondence or consignment in compliance with data protection. Enquiries in both paper form and electronic form are kept according to the specifications of written material administration.

Location privacy

The map of the ODL measuring network makes it possible for you to find individual ODL measuring stations and view them on the map. In order to show measuring stations in your immediate vicinity, you have the option to activate the button "Location search" below the map and then accept disclosure of your location data.

Such location data is exclusively for use on your device, i.e. the data will be processed by the browser on your desktop, smartphone or tablet in order to zoom and centre the map to the relevant position.

Your location data will not be transmitted to BfS.


The BfS internet pages contain references or links to internet pages of other providers. The issuer does not have any influence on these providers keeping the data protection provisions.

Contact person for further information about the handling of personal data in the Federal Office for Radiation Protection is the data protection officer:

Ms Inan
Willy-Brandt-Straße 5
D-38226 Salzgitter
Phone: 0049 30 / 18 333 - 1410
Fax: 0049 30 / 18 333 - 1415

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