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83257 Gstadt am Chiemsee (in action)

Current value measured: 0.097 µSv/h

The figures on this page show the gamma ambient dose rate (ODL) at the measuring station Gstadt am Chiemsee

Hourly measured values Please note: Values may not be verified!


The figure "Hourly measured values" shows the hourly averaged values of the ambient dose rate in µSv/h over the last seven days (green line). The time series are updated every six hours. The blue line represents the precipitation at the site of this measuring station, determined by Germany's National Meteorological Service (DWD) with the help of weather radar.

Daily mean values


The figure "Daily mean values" shows the daily mean values of the ambient dose rate over the last 365 days.

Verification of the data

In order to distribute the data more rapidly, BfS does not verify the ambient dose rate data before it is published. Please note that unverified hourly mean values may be subject to technical errors that can easily be seen in the time curves while probes in the vicinity do not show any unusual values. Verification of the current data is performed in the morning before 10 a.m. Older data have been verified. Data that is obviously wrong will be marked in the time series and will not be represented here.
Natural variations in the ambient dose rate, e.g. due to rain or snow, and well-known sources of technical errors are explained in more detail under Interpretation of measurements.

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